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Short Shifter a problem?

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Oh kay, my car is at the dealer RIGHT NOW. I had two reasons I have my scooby there: there's an oil leak around the oilfilter area, and the transmission slips from time to time. The dealer had just called and said that the oil filter was not put on tightly, that's why there's oil spray everywhere (wierd).

They also said that the SS could be the problem with the transmission slipping when I let go of the gas and the accelerate the moment I let go. I told them 'no.' That problem existed since 20000 miles on the car and now I'm at 43000. He said that in order for the car to be covered, I'm gonna have to show a reciept of when I bought the short shifter and where (I think I threw it away). Help/advice anyone?
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Ok, I'll just reply to myself. :boxer: The dealer called back and told me the oil spray was from the oil filter. I'm gonna need a new filter. As for the 5th slippin', some bolt was loose and they tightened it up really tight. That's all folks. I can't wait until I get my scooby back. See ya! :D
That's good to hear, because that short shifter argument was total bull. :)

Where'd you buy your shifter from? If you did it online through Kartboy or something, I bet the vendor could've dug up your invoice...

Just FYI.

The vendor I got it from wouldn't have gotten it to me if I paid them. I went ghetto and got the Short shifter from they have it on ebay that starts the bid at less than $20. They state that the SS will give a 40-50% decrease in throws... NOPE! Let's say 25-30% Worth the money? Yes. Build quality? Good. Would buy again? Go for it. :)
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