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Here you go buddy

Hi, My name is Joel from up north Michigan.
I have a problem that I hope you guru's can help me out on.
I have a 2000 stock impreza rs. I came home last night and and put it in park. let the foot off the brake and it starting rolling in reverse. as it was in reverse (even though the shift lever was in park). It turned the key off but it would not turn all the way off as it was in gear.

Played with the shift lever now it locks in park and can only be unlocked manually. If I push the button on the shift lever I can hear a click for every time I push the button. It comes from a realy or switch on the left side of the steering column by the turn signal lever.

Play some more and the car started up, put it in gear and she rolls in every gear including reverse and park. Play more and it goes to park and won't unlock. you have to manually unlock the shift lever. Once unlocked it still wont start as it thinks it is in gear. The more I mess with it it seems I get a different sympton.

As of now I have the steering column and shift consule exposed. I will include a pic of the switch that I can feel clicking every time I push the shift button. It is the one with the red and black wires going to it.

Thank you for all your help in advance. Sorry I had to be introduced this way but I'm in a bind as I cant tow it or drag it on a flatbed as it is in gear. Thanks again.
hope these pics work...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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