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1997 L White - 2004 STi WRB
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--------------------- Shadowfax ------------------------
Greatest of all horses at the end of the Third Age. He was light-footed and extremely swift and could run great distances without tiring.
(a bit geeky, but This is who my cars is names from)

It started life as a 1997 Impreza 2.2 L
Totaled.... (really just the airbags blew and it needed a new good bumper and a fender, Oh, and a windshield)
Dark Green Paint
with Tan Interior

--------------------- Table of Contents -----------------------------
Post 1 = this post.
Post 2 = Pictures and History and Up to this point in time (8-29-08)
Post 7 = Drive Train Installed with some STi Goodness! (9-07-09)

--------------------- Sponsors -------------------------------------
None yet!

-------------------- Modifications ----------------------------------
- V6 Side skirts
- V6 Front Bumper
- V6 Replica fog light covers
- V6 Front Grill
- Vis Carbon Fiber hood
- Red Anodized Aluminum hood pins
- Antenna Delete
- 15% tint (accept drivers door, just didn't do it yet)
- V5 Replica Rear spoiler
- JDM WRX rear decal
- Door/Side rubber removal
- Painted Aspen White
- Self made Rally Flaps
- Clear Corners

- Gray Interior with Red accents
- Self made Rally/Vehicle Computer (more on this latter)
- RS - Front and Rear Seats
- V7 JDM Stering wheel?
- Momo Shift knob
- V6 Short shifter
- Stero/Speakers - deleted
- Sparco Fixed back seats

- Ground Control Coilovers 225F/200R 10 inchers
- Subaru Legacy Turbo ('94) RSB
- Group N rear bushings
- <a href=""><a href="">ebay</a></a> Rear Strut tower Bar
- V8 BBS Gold Rims with Kumho SPT's (street/AutoX)
- Stock Aluminum 15' Rims with Winterforce M/S tires (winter/RallyX)
- Aluminum Control Arms
- 2006 STi Steering Rack

- GroupN Transmission Mount
- WRX Full Drivetrain

- Subaru 4 pot Calipers and 2 Pot RS (for RallyX and Winter)
- Hawk HPS Front Brake pads
- 97' Legacy Rear Rotors and Calipers
- Red SS braided brake lines
- ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid

WRX EJ20 Swap
TGV Deletes
Walbro 255

-------------------- Inspirations ----------------------------------

I wanted to build a V6 or V5ish replica of a Japanese spec Subaru WRX STi

------------------- Future Plans ----------------------------------

EJ20 WRX motor
- Mahle Pistons
- Eagle Rods
- ACL Race Bearings

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1997 L White - 2004 STi WRB
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Photos of Progress.

************************* History *****************************************
I asked a budy of mine to find a 2 door coup for me. (He worked at a junk yard)
One day he called up and said "I got one for ya". So I took it home and started working on it.

It was purchased for $1500 dollars.
It needed: Windshield, fender, hood, bumper beam, bumper skin, grill ,a headlight, corner lights, radiator and Airbags (which I put in, but never really hooked up)
Did all of that and then got the car registered in PA with an R title.

After getting everthing for the title, I then proceded to get the rest of the "body kit" together and then finally bit the bullet and had it painted and all the body work done. It came back looking like this....


One day I took the car out and though I'd see how well it "launched". Well I had 2 other people in the car as well, reved it up to 4K and then let the clutch out, we didnt move.... DOUGH! So I figured I needed a new clutch (really I think the stock clutches really are just this weak).
Got an ACT lightweight flywheel, and an ACT clutch and pressure plate, also got a Group N tranny mount and a Stainless steel Transmision snout sleave so that the through out bearing would move smoothly! 800 buck latter its back on the road and working great!

I cant really remember all the other "upgrades" and storys, but the latest one was the rear disk brake upgrade and front disks, and rear GroupN bushings (cause the stock ones ripped out as I was trying to remove that long bolt!!!) and so I figured I'd paint it all while I was under there and remove rust ext. OH, installed the SS brake lines at the same time and painted the calipers black to help keep the rust down (since then got new rotors as well)

My lattest updates included the Rally Flaps with Alluminum brakets (that I made) and SS hardware. Purchased the material from I also finally installed my Red anodized alluminum hood pins, the shacking hood was starting to really bug me.

Now the car looks like this....
************************ Present Day **************************************
In its present form, at a RallyX

Looking Hot on a sunny Day.

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1997 L White - 2004 STi WRB
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New Updates:

Well I finally started installing the things I've been collecting for the past year or so. So here it is...

That is:
- WRX Front Hubs
- Subaru 4 Pots
- Subaru GC Aluminum Control Arms
- 06 STi Steering Rack
- 06 STi Crossmember
- WRX 5 Speed
- WRX Rear Diff
- WRX Wagon Front Sway bar with 04 STi end links

Oh, and since everything was out... decided to paint the engine bay.

More updates to come in the next few weeks or so, stay tuned! Haha

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1997 L White - 2004 STi WRB
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Well EJ20 should go in there this week, BUT still doing the Harness. (wont take long to finish, just need to finish)

(My built EJ20 is not done yet. Bearings are not within spec on the main Journals... :-( BUT I'll have a "temporary loaner EJ20" in there this weekend)

I got sidetracked working on the Company's Legacy, that's how I was able to afford the WRX Tranny.

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1997 L White - 2004 STi WRB
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Its a direct bolt into a 06 STi Crossmember... :)

(yeah, the new racks have a new mounting method on the drivers side of the rack. It is held in by 2 bushings and 2 bolts instead of one bushing and a bracket holding it into the crossmember, with 2 bolts holding that...)

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1997 L White - 2004 STi WRB
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Then Engine Started last night! Ran great for the few seconds I let it run.... (no coolant yet, wanted to make sure the wiring was good first)

Sooooo Happy about that. I'll be trying to finish up the car (to a drivable point) this Saturday. Then... Pics!
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