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is the server slow or is it just my computer?
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I think it's the server but you have to start somewhere :)

I'm pullin up pages pretty quickly. I'd say faster than before the weekend.
Doesn't seem too slow to me, but he did just upgrade to more RAM. After all, this site only had 20-30 members two weeks ago; considering the quick growth, it's doing pretty good!
Could be the server, but the load is not too bad. I have 1GB of SDRAM on order and it should be here by next weekend. Right now it's running on 256MB, but is barely straining at this point. Hopefully it's just your connection. :D
yea it is all the other web pages are also so !
In case you're at all curious, here's the most recent stats on the server - I think she's doing pretty good considering the increased load... log file from last night was almost 6MB with 8,835 hits to the site. And then look back one week to next to nothing! Heck, some days didn't even register for a lack of posts! :lol:

This graph just shows number of posts to the board. Man, Sunday was BUSY! :eek:


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i think the strain on the 16th is from all my whoring :biggest:
Yes you are all a bunch of whores!

[sound of phone ringing]


"Is this the pot? This is the kettle calling the remind you that you're black too"
well i do try!:D
wow.. the server has been kinda slow today. maybe it's my dual t3 here, but maybe it's something else.. oh well, it's worth the wait :D
Could be my connection - I only have about 512k of upload bandwidth from what I can tell, but the server is running just fine. Running at an average of about 5 - 10% load, no big deal.
Ahhh... a spike in the chart! EARTHQUAKE! :D

:stinky: ....excuse me, just passing thru....
But I moved from California to Colorado - no more earthquakes, but we are supposed to get like 3 feet of snow this weekend... a VERY white xmas!
The problem is your running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000.....:D
Seems to be working just fine to me. Served up over 17,000 hit yesterday to over 1000 visitors and not one error. If not for IIS and W2k there would be no RS Club because that is what I specialize it for a living.

More likely it's AT&T boradband and my limited resources in the bandwidth department. I'm running a cable modem which I suspect is getting saturated. I'm considering getting a second one or bumping my bandwidth up just for you kids... :D
And in case you didn't see this - the server was "slow" due to a modem mis-configuration issue. And then AT&T doubled my bandwidth for free! :biggest:
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