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Server Upgrade Results

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In case you were curious about what happened tonight, here's the run down:

1. I installed a new KVM as my old ones were having problems with the mouse (as in it did not work)

2. I also installed all the computers backwards - as in the first one last, the last one first, so I had to shut everything down a second time.

3. Then I moved my CD-R to the production web server so I can back it up more easily

4. Then I restarted everything and my primary DNS server took a crap all over itself and died. :eek: I'll be rebuilding that over the weekend.

But now all is well... Enjoy! :D
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Ah, yes, computers; here to make out lives easier:lol:
I would have left the CDR on another box and just pulled a drive image off the production server to back it up... less overhead on the production box. I wonder if your production server will have enough free resources to actually burn a CDR without errors.

Of course, if it was me I'd have redundant RAID arrays hooked up with a failover and I'd do a FlashCopy every 6 hours plus tape backup off the second array... but that's just me, I'm compulsive like that. Somebody shoot me. ;)
:lol: The CD-R works just fine thanks... and unless people start sending me LOTS of money RAID ain't happening any time soon! :p
I'm glad that everything is ok now, I was getting a little tired of the bullshit on the I-club last night.
So sorry. But hey - good news - a friend might be giving me two 60GB 7200 Rpm ATA/100 drives, which I *think* I can use to set up RAID. I'll test on my staging server and if it works, well, then the production server will be down again in the middle of the night sometime! And then you can get some sleep! :p
Sounds like you have a room full of servers in your house!
You got that right. 8 servers, two workstations, and a whole bunch of wires and cables and crap! :lol:
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