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Server UP!

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After long last the server is back up! I am SO sorry that the forums were down for such a long time, so I'll just have to make it up to you all (yes, all EIGHT of you ;) ).

Basically, here's what happened:

I am doing a site for another client, and I am hosting on my server. Well, Sunday night we are getting ready to go live. This was September 9th. I notice that the CD-ROM on the web server is sticking when it opens. Since I do all my updates to my web sites via burn a CD and then SneakerNet it over, I realize I had better replace the CD-ROM before we are live. After all, I can't risk problems once we are live, and I should not take the server down, anyway.

So I power down the web server, and the mail server, and swap the CD-ROMs between the two machines. They are identical, so I figure that is cheap, fast, and safe.

I restart everything. The web server gets to about 95% of that startup bar, and then reboots... and it does this about 15 times until I get an error about the HDD being "invalid media." Oh GREAT! Hard drive failure!

I figure it has to be a fluke, so I swap the CD-ROMs back and try again. This time I get an error "CMOS checksum error - defaults restored." I have NO idea what that is, but I continue on. Well, the HDD is dead, but now my mail server has the same CMOS error. :mad: Then, when it is started, it can no longer see the network! A mail server that can't see the network is pretty useless. So I shut them off.

Monday I go buy a new HDD, re-install the OS on the web server, and it TOO can no longer see the network. Huh? Whazzup? Finally, after re-starting the DNS server, it does the same thing.

All three servers go down in a day. I figure the motherboard is defective and so I start checking warrantee (nope, too old) and decide to replace the computers. So I order replacement servers. About a week later I am fiddling with the computers, in the BIOS, and notice that the UDMA settings are all off, and so is the anti-virus setting. And the on-board NIC is DISABLED!

Then it hits me....

The battery for the CMOS died, so when I powered the servers off, the BIOS was reset. That's all.

So the servers are up and running again, and they now have company (all the new servers arrived, sans the motherboards) and will soon be replaced. And will be redundant! No more down time for the RS club!

Okay, enjoy!

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The motherboards arrived and I've setup one of the new servers already... Nirvana... ;)
Okay, last night I built four more servers, and have to install the OS on them tonight. I'll be using Ghost for that, and then will be configuring the second DNS server, and some DFS servers. Then we'll be fully redundant.

Not not anyone has visited in the last few days, but whatever!

:facepalm: :lol: :unamused: ;)
:rotflmao:Successful troll is successful. The bigger question is how did you manage to come across this. And you should have had this:

I want in on this.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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