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I did some research on many sites trying to find the best sound deadening material for my 96 Brighton and it led me to this...Second Skin Damplifier Pro. I installed most of it yesterday and thought I would write a review.

First off, I contacted the company to ask some questions and they were very helpful and tons of knowledge. The shipping was quick and flawless.

When I got the product it was great. A nice thing is that the foil mat is black so it is a better look then that shinny silver. I placed it in the trunk and doors. I also, went to Ace and got a roller with a little longer handle which made it easier. While installing, being that it is a thicker material, I noticed that it was hard to make it look smooth in the truck with all the thousands of ridges but looked ok. There is also no smell in the car from this product which is great. Some other products I’ve used smelt more.

Once installed I knocked on the outside of the car where the material is installed and it sounds bullet proof!!:banana: I drove around with the back seats out and it was quieter then with them in before the material went in! It was great. Just take your time in getting all the areas and careful with the shape edges!!

All in all it is a great product and made a huge difference. Let me know if you have any questions about the install.
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