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Searching for the previous Colorado owner of my car

I just bought a 1999 Impreza with some very interesting upgrades. I have many questions for the previous owner of my car. I am betting you are here somewhere.
It is a Silverthorn 1999 Impreza RS 2dr with an Autorotor Supercharger and a front mount intercooler (appears to be an early Rimmer kit) see at:
I bought the car in Colorado Springs Colorado at McCloskeys.
My guess is that it was traded-in a few weeks ago (mid-August)
The car is in near perfect condition.
Other Distinguishing features:
The A/C currently does not work
Tape deck with no CD player (what's this all about?)
Autorotor Sticker on rear spoiler

If this was your car, or you know who it belonged to, please email me! I have some very important questions on the car.

-Chris Dorsey
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