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Scpwrscc ???!!!

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Southern California Post Whores of the RS Club Club!!!

Who wants to join?!?!?!
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Saturday's meet pics!



sean's ride

eric (after getting off the phone with his gf)

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aaawwwwww..... fine ... yeah i have more important things to do anyways!!!

hahaha!! :evillaughter:

Dude I'm In like Flynn....
What?? No pics of me or my ride?? Screw that, didn't wanna join your club anyway!

Me? I drive a mitsu
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How about PostWhoreThreadHijackers of SoCal?

Still doesn't spell anything but a few less letters and it's got the thread hijacking in there -- an important, bot oft forgotten skill of the true post whore.
I hope the grammer in your signature is on purpose, someone might flame you over it
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LOL! Yeah.

Actually, I forget I'm in a different group. Among the computer geek people, that is a line everyone knows. Actually, it even made it to the news once.

"All your base are belong to us"

It's from an old japanese game and when it came over to the US it had some aweful translations, including that one as said by the evil nemesis gloating over his victory. It somehow resurfaced about 6 months or a year ago and just spread throughout the net.

But, I guess I like the pissing off the grammer/spelling police around here just as much :happynow:
Talking about "grammer/spelling police" I guess in my attempt to find out some information and get to know him, I have offically pissed off W.M.. I will say it in public, I did not mean to waste your time or piss you off!! W.M. you really need to meet me and find out i'm not the idiot you think i am!!

I HAVE met you and you ARE a nice guy. But, YES the Trolling on i-cub did piss me off, but I don't hold grudges.


Don't believe him! Sean's a jerk!

(hmm... maybe i shouldnt flame sean while i still need him for my car ;) )
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Wagon Monster said:

I HAVE met you and you ARE a nice guy. But, YES the Trolling on i-cub did piss me off, but I don't hold grudges.



Did you see that he said i-cub!!!!!!

Just messing with you!!!!!
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[email protected] SUBARU said:

Did you see that he said i-cub!!!!!!

Just messing with you!!!!!

Got me!

(I can spell anything, but typing isn't my forté )
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'K where the Post Hoes @??? yo'
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Yeah, this is a slow day. Some days we get like 50 messages here but Monday's are usually slow... probably people trying to make up the work they missed from posting the previews Tuesday->Friday :biggest:
here i am!! sorry i'm late, guys!!

now for some substance:

that is a website.

and as for me, HIC,...i'm not scooby-doo, but i almost was in the doghouse!

WRC (the game) is awesome!! but not as awesome as that steering wheel assembly!

gotta to you (post) whores later!
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Ok boys...


The next Auto-X will be held Sunday April 28th! Be there!
This is a practice event limited to the first 100 cars!
Cost: $30 (and if there is a second driver in the same car it's only $10 for them)

To register call Rainer Mueller at (760) 439-0357 or email [email protected] and leave your 1) name, 2) tele #, 3) car and number (numbers are $15 if you don't have one and can be bought through, uh.. i'll get back to you on that), 4) work group and 5) run group desired position.

1st run group 9:00-10:15 work 2nd
2nd 10:30 - 11:45 work 1st
3rd 1:00pm - 2:15 work 4th
4th 2:30 - 3:45 work 3rd

registration and tech is open from 7:30 -noon

Let me know who's going!

On a different note.... my dome light punked out. Is this a light bulb replacement problem or other??

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i'm not ready for auto-x but i want to watch.

it's probably just a burned dome light, but it could also be a loose wire or fuse. especially the way your car is driven :)

go watch FIA rally right now on speed channel!!!!
probably not since my mini-tv in the middle of BFE doesn't get speed vision.. :(

but I am going to go watch 7th heaven now

not really, but i had to say it for age effect :lol:

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