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Hey everyone thought I'd spread the word, Im going to take a shot at the mountain this year, I will be running my GC8 in the Time Attack Class. Currently there are 27 entries in the time attack class alone. As some of you know this is the first year the mountain is completely paved!! Hence my entry. I will be posting progress as the build develops, during the months leading up to the big day hope some of you can make it out to watch some records tho on a new surface fall.

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Switching the direction of flow to match that of the radiator. Hot side of the core will now be the hot side of the radiator, no more hot charge air working against the cold side return of the radiator. Im starting the fab on the piping with a new spearco, core this weekend. Ill post up pics. I noticed the spearco core is far less dense when looking threw it as compared to the current garrett/perrin core i have. Every little bit helps.

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Ok so its been a little bit, No turning back. After many talks with industry partners, We came to the conclusion that the mishimoto fan shroud was getting in the way of airflow, Basically when the fans are running under high speed strait, they are creating a blockage and doing more harm than good, So needless to say im not running a shroud this go around, a single SPAL fan will be used. We toyed around with doing a rear mount radiator like Zen, and so many others, i just read GST is now doing the same. Sick for sure but I dont have a bunch of time or budget for testing so im going with a traditional setup but high efficiency. So far I have stripped down the car with help of friends, Pulled the front end apart, tore out the front hood latch support, cut the upper rad support and ordered some parts.
New Radiator Custom Afco/ Mofab built Dual Pass Unit
New Intercooler 11.0X22X3.0 Bar Plate. Rated at 850cfm
OMP Fire system
Pyrotect Helmet (first full face for me usually like open)
Sparco Suit
Brake ducts

Things to do in no particular order....
Build the new FMIC setup including new pipe routing
Install new Radiator
Build a vent to exit radiator heat out the top of hood
install an oil cooler
install high capacity baffled oil pan
Body work
Suspension setup
Under car Aero
Rear Diffuser
New Exhaust exit
Weight reduction
New window net
Seat back brace
Install Brake ducts
Install Fire System
Make new Oil Recovery tank
New Coolant burp tank
Testing lots of it

Old setup

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Torn Down

Gutted the front core support and hood latch

Tied the headlight support into the radiator

Mean while paint work has begun

Core showed up
Look how much more surface area you gain with the grill trimmed out

Notice the gap between the core and radiator, Velocity will stay up

You can follow the build up to date on Face book as well
Mofab llc Like us!!

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Here are some pictures of the hill climb. Special Thanks to those who came out to Watch!!!!!!
Starting with Tech Tues Day

Monster stood behind me at the drivers meeting!!!!

We Passed Tech No Prob other than they didnt like me not having wipers.......

We hung out with monster Energy Guys all Week, Great dudes Also met Aron and Adam From Revolutions nice guys

Practice Day One... From the Top!!!

Practice times day one i think?

Practice day two...

Don and I talking about some suspension Changes

Don & Kyle giving some driving tips after reviewing the data, we had to step it up to Qualify.

More times

Practice day three

Dave And Allison Kicked Ass!!!!

Fan Fest!!!!

Talked to KRDO about how awesome competing in the hill climb is!!!

A little final prep before race day, Troy @ Suba set us up with a spec C water sprayer tank....Thanks TROY and Everyone @ Suba for there support/Help

Race day !!!!!

We got Red Flagged at Halfway because of the Foley Crash :-(
It began to rain on our way up.

More pics and videos as soon as were done editing, Special Thanks to Don Williams, Nitto Tire, Suba Performance, Phenix Industries, Preferred home repair, Heads by Drew, Radium Engineering, "nick"@ Mac Autosport and of course Team Mofab.
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