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ScoobySport Question

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Anyone know the diameter of the pipe on the Scoobysport muffler? It'll bolt up to the stock mid-pipe right?
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I belive it does. The pipe is bigger than the stock midpipe, but the flange is the same. I'm just going from memory on this, I don't have a ScoobySport, but I do have a Stromung, and I belive they are similar in that respect, being a direct replacement for the stock can. I don't have any numbers, though, sorry.
cool, thanks. Now all I need to do is buy the damn thing. Rally Performance isn't very easy to get a hold of. Are there any other venders that import the Scoobysport?
I just got done with a group buy from Rally Performance. They have two mufflers, one for the WRX which has a 2.5 inch diameter, that won't fit on our cars cause our midpipes are like 2.25 and one of the mounting brackets doesn't work with ours. The other is just like the WRX except there is an area about 3 inches from the connector that is specially fabricated by scoobysport so it will fit up to our midpipes, and the mounting brackets line up. I love the exhaust.

Nick C.
Oh by the way, Ken at Rally Performance is a good vendor. He is hard to get a hold of but he will work hard to satisfy.

Nick C.
how about installation any problems there? I'm looking to get one and need any info you can give..

Installation was pretty easy. I did it by myself and the only thing that sucked was having the exhaust on my chest while trying to tighen/loosen the bolts from the midpipe.

Nick C.
Of course you can do that first, then undo the rubber thingy's that attach to the hangers or whatever, but I like to do it the hard way!
doing things the hard way is the best way to do them since the easy way is more complicated usually:biggest:

Thanks for the info..
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