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Scoobymods is no longer

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Scoobymods is no longer the same as it once was. The web page has been updated! In their infinite wisdom Kastle and Aaron have revised the whole shebang. Now it will be easier to do a search for everyone and easier for us at Scoobymods to add updates to the site.

More details here:

But we are at the same web address as before.

We hope everyone likes the change.

Scoobymods Team

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Cool!!! Keep up the good work.

What are you trying to give me a heart attack??? When I read that title, I thought Scooby mods was gone.

<wipes sweat from brow>

damn I was startin to worry there
subachad said:
What are you trying to give me a heart attack??? When I read that title, I thought Scooby mods was gone.

<wipes sweat from brow>


Same here I was getting ready to flood the board with questions about how to do this and that with my picture referance gone.
Awsome that site hepls me out a lot, Keep up the good work
So... there will actually be new content.. and updates now!? ;)

Man that site is awesome. I was scared a little that you were saying it was gone as well. Thanks for all your effort.

Nick C.
There is actually new contents pretty often but usually we have to compose the info and send it to the web master and he then has to post it when he has time from keeping the site running. Now everyone on the team will be able to just compose and post. You have to remember we do this for fun because we love our cars and in our free time for free :)
I'll add another thing in here.... We are looking for people who want to contribute... Impreza, Legacy, SVX, Forester, WRX, Baja....

Send me a email if your intersted and want more information on how to contribute.
I know that website has helped out A LOT.

Keep it up guys.
SWEET, you guys are totally hard core with that stuff to begin with! Helpful in so many ways beyond just do this and that, but knowing that someone's thought of it and dealt with it or knows about it. That is cool!
it's really come a long way since the original az scooby site...
good god, I almost keeled over when I read the title... DON'T DO THAT!:curse:

Ah well, more help yay!! :biggest:
Just wanted to add that if your interested in making a donation to keep Scoobymods online, we have setup a page for it.
Great job guys, the site looks great. It's hard to fathom the amount of hard work you guys have put into this site over time. Thanks! You guys rock!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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