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'99 OBS V7 STi Swap
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Short story (but not really) - Purchased a ScoobyEcu from a guy in the UK (same as kingsubi). I've had the chip sitting on my desk for almost two weeks waiting for the ecu I bought off of UK ebay to arrive to fit the chip into. I purchased a 7D ecu because it's one of the ecu's already with a socket in place making this an easy plug and play mod.

To my surprise the ecu showed up yesterday afternoon. Thought it would take longer to get here (was only shipped out to me on tues). Instantly grabbed a screw driver, popped er open and put the chip in. Cut the J1 resistor and proceeded to switch out ecu's. Painless.

Drove her around for 15-20 min just putting along letting the ecu learn and such. Went out this morning for a cruise and WOW Car has been transformed. Runs extremely smoother throughout the whole powerband. Now pulls all the way to redline without any sign of crapping out.

All I need now is to put a decatted downpipe on her instead of this stock junk to mate up with my cobb catback ahah. I'm sure it's restricting a decent amount of power.

Anyone know what downpipes will mate up with the donut style end(essentially the way the stock sti exhaust is)?
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