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Scooby meet: May 19 Nazareth PA!!!!

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Hows about it folks...Place, Nazareth Pa.
Time Sunday May 19...5:00pm
Northampton Crossings,
dinner at Red Robin.
I will post directions and some more info later...
I want to gauge an interest first..
ALL ARE WELCOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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from all the responses here i think we should rent the place out. :rolleyes:

either the bitches arn't coming Ryan or most of those imprezas we see on the road are
a. have it for a mode of transportation
b. don't know about I-club and
c. arn't sociable

I want to come and most likely will. If it's nice that day I'm going to head down early for the Import War. I'll put my GC8 in then go to the park :D I'll be back by 5.
Well, if me and Tom are not doing anything that nite (which we probably aren't) we will show up.
come on. I'm sure beer will be involved, ROY :happynow:
maybe I'll stop by with the BRP YSR-50.... I don't do the "meat" thing... lame.

--Roy (although the waitress at RR are HOTT)
what?!?! you don't eat meat. You could try the veggie burger :)

anyway it's just some guys that you know and some others that we don't going somewhere to eat and BS. if it envolves eating I'm THERE.
Bill...we are getting TANKED!!!!!!!
And yes the waitresses there are :flame:
bad news

I plan on showing up on the BRP-50....
Unfortunately so do about 10,000 ********... the busch race is today.... :(
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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