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Guess I really should get that new exhaust for the Suby...


A study commissioned by a phallically named insurance company proves beyond all doubt that the unbridled roar of an Italian supercar turns women on but the soft purr of a fuel-efficient econobox doesn't stimulate anyone's MPG-spot.
David Moxon subjected 40 men and women to the sounds of a Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari, then measured the amount of testosterone in their saliva. He found everyone had higher levels of the stuff -- a measure of their arousal -- after hearing the revving exotics, but the amount the women had was off the charts.
The econobox, however, left everyone colder than a January day in Nome.

I gotta agree - the Maserati sounds damn good!


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I like a comment on that article I found....

"Science Proves Exotic Cars Turn Women On"?

Maybe this headline is equivalent:
"Everybody knows: Money Turns Women On"

I think this is more truthful than anything else in the article.

I have driven the quattroporte at work though and it DOES sound nice, but I haven't seen any women swooning over that specific car....

I have seen everyone turn their heads and drool at Ferraris though, because they attach that engine note they hear with visual of "Hot Red Expensive Car".

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Exotic car...
usually means big money
Big money...
usually means security
Security... turns women on

The Same Story Since The Beginning Of Time

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title should read:

Science Proves Exotic Cars Turn Shallow Women On

but yeah, it's not the car so to speak, it's the money it took to buy the car.
Great analyzation both you and the others before you have made. It's pretty obvious too...

Either the writers have left out that conclusion or other information or the scientists are ignorant.

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So, when did they found the Institute for Research on the Painfully Obvious?

And more importantly, what's next for IRPO? An exciting new study that shows people's inhibitions decrease with the consumption of alcohol?

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And according to the comments, that is a 2.0 n/a! That is the video that convinced me to get it on my wagon. :) It's hideous looking, but sounds so sweet.

H&S does offer the exhaust polished, for an extra fee. :)

Pic from their site:

Jefff said:
zomg siper that exhaust sounds much and where?

H&S produced the original "ScoobySport" exhaust. ScoobySport, back in 2003 I think, switched manufacturers to JANspeed, however. A lot of the UK guys were in an uproar, and shortly thereafter, ScoobySport's original owner sold the company to someone else.

The original H&S exhaust still exists, but isn't called the ScoobySport anymore, since that title belongs to the JANspeed. But I agree with the masses, that the H&S sounds much better.

As I said above, they can come polished. Standard, they aren't offered that way. Rich at Daddy's SCP sells them:

Oh, H&S doesn't just do Scooby exhausts. They have some for Porsche, BMW... maybe others. Check YouTube, there's a vid of an E39 M5 with an H&S, driving at night on the highway. You can't SEE much, but it sounds awesome. :cool: I'd post it, but I'm at work today and the filters block video feeds.
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