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Saw a Silver WRX in Riverside..

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I was driving in the rain wednesday night and a WRX pulled up behind me. I flashed my brake lights to say "hi"....and he did nothing. The light turned green and the fucker swerved around my car passed me in the intersection, then swerved back into my lane. What kinda chicken shit would pull a stunt like that? I am pissed. Who was it?

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It was rainy and dark, didn't really see. Silver WRX getting on the 60E (maybe it was west) at around 7:30pm


edit- It wasn't the other Sean. He owns a Silver WRX in riverside, but it wasn't him.
Dude..........Wrx's are like civics now they're everywhere. I was just making a bad anti-irvine joke.

I figured I would hi-jack your thread anyway!!!

I have a lightpod and tomarrow will have REAL rally tires!!!!!!

I'm ready to go out and do a dirt run, when and where???

Before I knew better I used to go to Irvine Subaru and talk to Ryan about getting parts and stuff. I noticed that most of the people there know absolutely NOTHING about Sube's. Ryan and his "Performance Parts" department are another big joke. I ordered some cam gears there and they charged me almost twice as much as they go for on and as far as I know they still haven't recieved them (ordered them 6 months ago).

Is the WRX gonna be the downfall of mankind as we know it? Is Irvine Subaru the anti-christ? Jeez, I need to get out more.

Andy, give me a call when you get back from Mammoth.

Sean, I'm gonna stop by and meet you one of these days. Don't be a Ryan!

Just to let you know, our parts guy(brett) owns a gc8 and beats the shit out of it as much as he can. I own a gc8 that sees alittle use:eek: . and our Subaru sale manager (Tor) owns 3 subarus 1 of them is a gc8. We do know alittle something about subarus. I can understand your problem with some dealers not having too much experiance with the cars they are dealing with. We all owned subarus before working for a dealer not the other way around.

Cute that you come over here and flame me. You want this to be personal, fine. Let me just air your dirty laundry all over the net then. Wait, I'm not going to do that because I'm not like you.
YOU can say what you want, but when it comes down to it we both know who's right and it isn't you.
Takes a lot of guts to hide behind a computer.
You say stuff like that about me because you have a personal problem with me, not because I don't know what I'm talking about, but that isn't anybodies business but ours. If you want to have a chat about it, fine... I'm available. You know how to find me.
If it takes you having to talk trash about someone to make your psychotic little mind happy, then fine. Go for it. When it comes right down to it, you're in the wrong and were from the beginning.
Don't bring personal issues into business issues. Ever.
fisrt of all Mr. Irvine Subaru...YOU'RE the one who said that people at your work don't know anything about subarus.
second...this is all my opinion (an opinion shared by more people than you'd like to know about)

if you're going to attack me personally you can come do it to my face. you know where i live.
Hmmm... interesting that I said people at my work don't know. That's funny... care to remind me when that was? Doesn't matter really cause if they didn't then we wouldnt be doing to well.
You can have any opinion of me you'd like, not everyone is going to like me.

"say it to my face"... what? like you've been doing? Hiding over here and talkin trash? That's to my face then is it? Come on over Marc. While you're at it, why dont you bring back the personal items of mine that you 'borrowed' without asking?
I'm sick of this shit

A lot of you people know me and a lot of you know ryan...draw your own conclusions.
Marc, I made every attempt to handle this in a polite way. You didn't want it that way so I guess it comes down to this. You just stay far away from me.
Wow, this thread kinda turned around. I still want to know who it was in the Silver WRX...

Andy, I've seen a Silver WRX at the mall a few times. I didn't see who owned it but it had Subaru of San Bernardino plates.
huh, I think we can all agree that Subaru of San Bernadino is a crappy dealer. I went there a few times and they were all incredibly rude..they openly laughed at my car. I will never go there again. I feel bad for the cars on that lot. Makes sense that an ass would buy a car there. I actually met a WRX owner the other day that asked me why I had a Subaru sticker on my car (my car is debadged) I told him it was there because the car is a subaru. He said "don't give me that BS I own a subaru, its sitting over there (he pointed at it) I know what they look like." So I showed him the steering wheel and shift lever, and told him not to be so ignorant in the future. I wanted punch him.

Ryan, Marc, if you're gonna fight please do it in the "Fight Club" - thanks....
Thats strange that they were mean to you over there. Thats where I got my car and they were really nice. Plus, they gave it to me for a REALLY good price. If you go there again go see David Lo. He's really cool
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