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Santa Cruz Mountains meet?

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How about a Subaru-fest up in the Santa Cruz Mountains? I'm going to be up in the hills all day Saturday (moving), so how about a lunchtime get-together at the "Summit Center" store on Summit Road at 1pm on Saturday?

How to get there:
880 south to 17 south to Summit Road. Go back over the freeway, and turn left at the stopsign. The store is a ways down Summit Road, on your left. Can't miss it.

More interesting:
880 south to 17 south to Old Santa Cruz Highway. Take Old (twisty) Santa (narrow) Cruz (fun) Highway until you hit Summit Road, and then turn left. Again, store's on your left, can't miss it.

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I'm guessing if this happened I missed it but now I want to drive that road again... I haven't been up there since I got my rs a couple years ago :)
the fun road up that way is Morrell Cutoff Road. 'course, you could also go 17 south to summit road west turn right onto morrell cutoff, turn left onto Soquel-san jose road, take the right up miller cutoff road, turn right at miller hill road, left back onto soquel san jose road, and then cruise down into Soquel for lunch.
lol... sounds more complicated that it probably should be... another fun one is I think it's 32 that goes between the beach and Woodside off 280... awesome drive through the woods... lots of turns and not many cops :)
man, i would love to meet up, but I am back to SF until September... :D
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