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Sandhills, 12 January

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Is spectating possible?

I don't want to drive 700 miles for nothing. :)
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Yes, Tim was just shitting you. From what I hear there are going to be many spectator stages! :)
Kick ass.

I'm looking at rooms now. :)
Got my reservations. I should be there Friday afternoon by 6pm. :) I'll be at the Days Inn.

All I have to do is figure out which Impreza to bring up. :run:
I'll be looking for you Matt... we will press you into service! Muwahahaha!

One of the best ways to view the rally is from a worker's point of view. You get to see the action up close and personal. Normally, you are responsible for two stages. They are fairly spread out which should give you time to find the best vantage point.

If you only want to spectate, find someone familiar with the stages to help point you to the best locations.
As far as I know I'm going to be there. At least one of my roommates is going, possibly another, and then another friend of mine from VA. Maybe martel from i-club as well, he's in the Raleigh area too. I think we're going to have a decent turnout of i-clubbers there. :)
I'll be there riding in a VW...

just look for the MI plates.

Sorry guys, had a loss in the family yesterday that will keep me away from Sand Hills this weekend. If any of you have any mechanical experience and will be there for the entire rally, stop by ET Racing's service area and ask them if they need any help. They will be short a team member since I can't go. It's not a Scooby, but there a bunch of good guys. Plus I spent alot of this last weekend getting the car ready to I want them to do well. Last chance for practice befor Sno*Drift!
I'll be at the Days Inn , Cheraw by Friday afternoon. Just look for a red '01 RS or a red '02 OBS with a Florida license plate.
Hey Steven, I don't see you posting from the hotel. What's up with that? :D

Got the added bonus of seeing an Escort Cosworth today. Tomorrow I get to see it run the rally. :D
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