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NASIOC - View Single Post - San Diego Area? We need your '93 to 2009 Impreza for Roll Bar and Roll Cage Fitment!

02 to 07 Impreza DONE (Pics link) We Need a 93 to 01 Impreza and a 2008 / 09 Impreza Sedan or Hatch. See below for details. If you want a smokin' good deal on a roll bar or cage than jump on this! CB

Hi All,

The Impreza Community, Safe Drives LLC and Autopower Industries Inc. needs to have one each of the '93 to 2001 (any body type) and the 2008 to 2009 Impreza (need either a sedan or a hatch) taken to Autopower Industries where your car will be measured for roll bar and race roll cage fitment. In exchange for the use of your Impreza, Autopower will give you the kit of your choice for half price. If you are interested, please read on!

Your Impreza will need to be taken to:

3424 Picket St.
San Diego, CA 92110
phone 619-297-3300

I have been told that the measurement process takes about 5 days. Your Impreza will need to stay at Autopower during this time. You will need to drop your car off Monday morning and expect to pick it up Friday. Your vehicle will be measured for roll bar and race roll cage fitment. Your car must be presented to Autopower in perfectly clean condition inside and out.

The 93-01 car will be presented to Autopower stripped of all interior. The dash will need to be held just by a couple of bolts and easily removed. This car will be used to make a Super Race Roll Cage Kit like what is pictured in the above link.

The 2008 / 2009 cars must have all of the normal trim and interior in the car as it came from the factory. Autopower will use this car to make all of the standard bolt in kits as well as the full Super Race Roll Cage Kit as well.

Autopower is also willing to make you a great deal on installation of the roll bar / cage. So if you need a full rally or track race roll cage welded into your Impreza, now would be a good time.

Please PM me with a contact phone number in your response. We will then contact that person to nail down the details of the appointment. Now, a BUNCH OF FOLKS in this thread said that we could use their car but then never came through so please ignore those posts and just call or PM me. THANKS!

Helpfull links:

Autopower Industries Inc.
Safe Drives LLC Roll Bar and Roll Cage web pages.

Best regards,

Charles Buren
Safe Drives, LLC

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umm by the way, in that thread saying. PM for a number but im seeing number below of it . what should i do?
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