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?'s on EJ18T water pump

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Well, Im slowly but surely collecting parts for my EJ18T build on my daily driver and have noticed a nice oil leak from the front cover of the engine.

Im sure its the oil pump seal or front crank seal so I'm just going to crack it open and repair them both.

Question is, since Im in there I might as well repair the timing belt and replace the water pump.

Since Im going turbo in the near future I'd like to replace the water pump with a turbo pump since Im going forced induction anyway.

1. Should I use the EJ22T water pump or the EJ20T pump from an '03 WRX?

2. Am I going to require any different coolant hoses from a turbo model to mate up with my stock EJ18 motor/coolant system?

3. Anything else you guys can recommend?

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In fact there's a DIY writeup about changing the t-belt...
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