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running lean?

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So how can you tell if you’re running lean? I want to get and A/F gauge but I would like to have and A-pillar pod first and I might not have one for a while (if I can find one) with the new intake I am getting a lot of CEL and I am starting to worry can a tech pull the code from the ECU and does it have any logging capabilities? Since I have my HU moved up to the Gauge pod has anyone put the gauges where the old HU was? Maybe EGT, A/F and another with a S-AFC mounted below or a valentine one (drool).
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Is it one you have to screw into the stock a-pillar or does it replace the whole pillar? I know they make the universal one but it looks too unfinished for my taste.
I was looking for something that replaced the whole A-pillar not a universal one it looks to unfinished IMHO. On someone used a CRX one and it fit with a little cutting. I just haven't had time to email them yet
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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