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1997 Legacy Outback
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This is a 1995 JDM EJ20H (HUGE intake ports, HLA, Ballin). Converted to single turbo use by swapping the oil drain from a WRX so it's all bolt on. It's got an estimated 70k on it (20k of which were on my car). It has a customized wiring harness for use with an EJ25D/EJ22E setup and piggyback. I used it on a 97 EJ25D harness (same as 1998 RS) and Emanage ultimate piggyback.

Reason for sale is I'm putting in an EJ257 hybrid/doing a full WRX swap. It ran great when pulled. I'd like to sell whole, since I'd hate to part out a running engine.

Compression (HF compression tester): A bit low on the passenger bank. Could be a valve not seating perfectly, or rings on the way out, not sure because it pulled hard.

1: 125
2: 130
3: 140
4: 140

For full disclosure, for some reason, I would get some occasional smoke at WOT and cold startup. There is a possibility that this was due to rings, or my home-rebuilt turbo, or my experimental PCV system. Either way, I wanted to make sure I mentioned this. There's also a weird spot that would leak oil out of the block, probably from imperfections in the casting. I JB welded it a year or two ago and hasn't leaked since.

Other than that, this motor has been great to me; upwards of 30 MPG, sounded great too. I was running ~275 HP on pump gas.

It recently had:

It has:
< 20k on new head gaskets, water pump,
<40k on the timing belt and idlers
<4k on rear main replacement, cam seals, front main seal

Note: the STi yellow injectors can be included for extra. I'll sell it with the Red 280CC sidefeeds.


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