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OK I had a small idea pop up. I first posted over in the "other" site's motorsports forum that didn't takeoff in the direction i hoped.

I plan to start my first season of autox and I don't want to smear any white shoe polish on my windows. To show a bit of club pride maybe we can get a batch made up with SUBARU and Stars on top, your # , the club on the bottom and class letters cut out. Something like that perhaps or better? So I have 3 questions?

1. Who would like to have them?
2. Will release permission?
3. And someone to make them up.

Note - if I overstepped any bounds by placing this in this forum, my apologies. I didn't know where best to place it. :rolleyes:
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Shoe polish was a killer.
I went to the track and thought it would be cool to leave the racing number they gave me on the windows well when I tried to clean it off I thought it was cement.I think there might be some spots still left but very small.
Use static cling or magnets or vinyl it is so much easier.

We have some magnet pics.
We make the whole sets including classes.
I was actually thinking of the same kind of idea, something along the lines of "RS Club Racing" with some other stuff on there.

I, for one, would be proud to display it. Oh, wait, it's my club! :p

But really, I think it would be very cool. I'll see what we can work up. :)
SPEEDFX- yeap I could not imagine the shoe polish with a black or BRP car. Silver still looks clean when dirty but I was picking white flakes off of my baby for 2 weeks. :p - there was some talk of a logo, I guess the thread died out somewhere? I still vote for having a "rabbit" in the logo. :D
Oh, I recall that thread... that's right. We'll have to see what can be done. I'm going to be pretty busy for the next week or two on client projects, but after that... I'll try to contribute some ideas and nail something down. :D
hellz yeah. I'm interested in this. The only thing is, magnetic material can be expensive. I already have some home made numbers, but I would like to have a nice rectangle/square plate, like the authentic ones, only problem is, they can't be very big on our cars with the door guards...
Craig - maybe they can be big. This come from the Subiegal Racing, seems to be alot of extra room for more lettering. I doubt you could get the Class letters on there. I'd rather have them seperate for when one changes classes.

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Yeah I've seen that before. The square there is vinyl, which you'd have to leave on all of the time. If it looked good I might consider doing that, but I'd prefer if it were removable. Oh yeah, I can do all of the artwork, if someone can get a quote for the materials... speedfx???
Here is a pic of what we do. They are about 12 inches tall which is what I am told is required. I was also told they had to be black and white but we have done them in other colors. If you want to spruce it up let me know.

I am beginning to hate webshots. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Here is the place to find the pics if it don't show up.
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Randy, I can't see the pic because webshots says I am not the owner. Can you attach it?
yeah pic please. I can host it if need be.
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