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RS25 Clubs Fastest N/A 2.5RS? Whos Out There?

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Ok RS25 Clubbers,
WHo has the fastest 1/4 mile RS out their!! I know Fun is not a straight line, but it can be on some occasions!! :nuetron:

Well post up I am hoping to run high 14's once i install my tranny mount , fidanza flywheel, act clutch, my intake hood bonnet scoop, and tein suspension?? Last time I ran my RS was 1.5 years ago. I ran a 15.3 1/4 intake and exhaust and UD pulley!!

I now we have faster than that on this BOARD!!
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14.7 is a good time. I think the flywheel is hurting us in the 1/4. My tires are bald, I am getting alot of wheel spin, I don't know if that is helping me, feels like it is slowing me down. I think I am slightly over the stock vehicle weight also. I had an amp rack in the car, 2 big amps, amp rack, 40 lbs dynamat, xm module and antena, 3 sets rca's and (2) 4 guage amp runs.
Ya stereos suck. I had 2 12s in my car and I took one out and went to a smaller box and I could feel a difference. Rims and tires make a huge difference too. My car was a lot slower with Falken Azenis Sports than with snows on the same rims. I might get after lightening my car at some point if I keep it. I figure a little lightening and a few more N/A mods and it should hit low 14s and I'll be happy. :) You are in Portland right? Maybe I can find time to come up to the track with you some time and you can give me some pointers.

Sounds awesome, goodluck with your runs.
Some of the times may be posted at the Scooby mile.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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