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RS25 Clubs Fastest N/A 2.5RS? Whos Out There?

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Ok RS25 Clubbers,
WHo has the fastest 1/4 mile RS out their!! I know Fun is not a straight line, but it can be on some occasions!! :nuetron:

Well post up I am hoping to run high 14's once i install my tranny mount , fidanza flywheel, act clutch, my intake hood bonnet scoop, and tein suspension?? Last time I ran my RS was 1.5 years ago. I ran a 15.3 1/4 intake and exhaust and UD pulley!!

I now we have faster than that on this BOARD!!
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sideways very nice time!!
Where do u live. I live IN va. I am asking b/c different climates can make a little difference too!! I wonder if my short throw will help at all ??

U live Close!!

Hey sidewayz!!,

We arent too far from each other!! Have you been to any recent Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam!!>>??? I went to the 2000 and to 2001 jams!!/ I am going this year for sure!!

Are u going to go this year?? ALways MAD SUBY show!! always !!! Englishtown has some killer shows as well. I even think ESPN rolls out to some of their NIRA events!!!

Well good time!!
Richie Rich
this is my ride


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1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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