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RS25 Clubs Fastest N/A 2.5RS? Whos Out There?

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Ok RS25 Clubbers,
WHo has the fastest 1/4 mile RS out their!! I know Fun is not a straight line, but it can be on some occasions!! :nuetron:

Well post up I am hoping to run high 14's once i install my tranny mount , fidanza flywheel, act clutch, my intake hood bonnet scoop, and tein suspension?? Last time I ran my RS was 1.5 years ago. I ran a 15.3 1/4 intake and exhaust and UD pulley!!

I now we have faster than that on this BOARD!!
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Injen intake, Borla header, ApexI N1 catback, Perrin Pulley, Exedy street clutch, Exedy Lightweight Flywheel (the flywheel makes it harder to launch - less enertia). Stock weight.

1/8-------9.406 at 71.85 mph
1/4--------14.910 at 89.17 mph
Hopefully! It's pulling hard now! Installing a new gasket right now, and that flat4 extender.
JC said:
So what are you doing to launch? I can't get a decent launch worth a damn anymore, but then I don't really try. I *should* be faster than you. Though I'm sure my poor driving and heavy rims would have something to say about that.

Holding revs to about 4500 and quickly sliping the clutch. I get some wheel spin. Why *should* you be faster then me? With the mods shown on your website, you shouldn't, but what do you have done?
14.7 is a good time. I think the flywheel is hurting us in the 1/4. My tires are bald, I am getting alot of wheel spin, I don't know if that is helping me, feels like it is slowing me down. I think I am slightly over the stock vehicle weight also. I had an amp rack in the car, 2 big amps, amp rack, 40 lbs dynamat, xm module and antena, 3 sets rca's and (2) 4 guage amp runs.
Sounds awesome, goodluck with your runs.
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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