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RS-T owners: is it THAT faster than stock?

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I am going turbo soon, and that is when I have all my parts in. :) The oil feed and return I am still tracking it down, as well as the knock sensor for the J&S...oh the Stromung Midpipe is nowhere to be found...damn, sorry I got carried away.

The thing is that: even I decided to turbocharged it (5psi for reliability issue), I am thinking most people keep saying *oh yea it's fast* or *will pull you back*...but I wonder just how much difference when it's compared to a stock RS?! I know that you can add up other stuffs to optimize the turbo, but just say other parts are decent upgraded (not to be extremed)...

Maybe I am crazy since my project date is getting near, so just can't wait and want to hear how great you guys will say about it :D

Thanks and I do hope my decision is worth it ;)
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Ahh, the RS-T question arrisen....:biggest:

It's pretty darn cool man. I just finished my setup, which is a custom Legacy kit, but I am only running about 3 psi right now.

The car is definetly has notable difference in power. To give you the best comparison, I think my car would probably keep up with a stock WRX to 60 MPH, and also in the 1/4 mile.

Right now, my car won't throw me back in my seat like I want to lef off the throttle, but this is mainly due to the low boost and super rich setup I am currently running. Once I get into the 5-6 psi range, things WILL change, and the change will be most apparent in the amount of pain you feel in your neck from the torque these monsters can produce.

Your choice is a wise one, but keep it conservative at first and your car will reward you every time you start it......;)

You can check out my setup here:

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at 5 psi it doesn't even feel like the same car you'll love it i know i do. WRX beware:D
LOL, so measure boost by feeling the amount of pain in your neck?!?! :D J/K (but that's really funny).

I'd never knew, though, that even at 3psi the car will feel/cruise/launch differently thant stock; I thought the min. is 5psi for turbo.

As for keeping up with WRX, I thought it's hard to do so unless it's of higher boost, right?

I dunno about the boost bug, but the turbo bug is biting my neck now ;)
It will be quite different at low boost, and the car WILL be much more fun through the entire RPM band.

Well, let's just say, a 100 MPH comes up pretty damn fast now. With just 5 lbs of boost, a failing clutch, exhaust leak before the wastegate and a small amount of pinging at WOT, the car feels every bit as fast as the two bone stock WRXs I drove... Now, when my new clutch and flywheel go in and I get all of the other crap taken care of and go with 7 lbs of boost, watch out...

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