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I have for sale set of used RS&SP one way adjustible clubman gravel coilovers. I purchased them at the begining of the 2013 season and ran 4 events on them, when I bought them three of them had few events on them and one was new. I used dirtbagz at every event and cleaned and inspected them after every event. They are all in good working condition I would consider rebuilding them sometime next year if I were to keep them and that would be mostly for my own peace of mind.
With sale I will include camber shims, front camber bolt collars, spare used external filters, spanner wrench and one used body with bent insert for spares.
Please let me know if you have any questions, price is $3000 including shipping to the lower 48 states.
They are still on the car as of right now and that is the reason I dont have any photos attached but I can take them off and take photos if someone requests them.

Thank you and happy holidays!
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