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2000 RS Coupe
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I have a few RS and WRX parts for sale. I will update with pics in the next day or so. All best offer prices considered. Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees. I will drive up to 2 hours of zip code 14072 for a sale, especially the larger items.
2000 RS hood STM $300 OBO - hood scoop, vent undertrays, heat mat, hood scoop undertray, and front water drip edge are not included as they are currently on my new hood. Hood is in excellent condition with 1 small dent to right center proximal to front edge of hood. This hood is off a southern car that has never experienced salt. The hood is currently boxed and ready to ship iff need be. Pics of the dent visible in first 3 pics: IMG_0571

I also have a a complete JDM V7 suspension setup w/ newer Group N mounts w/ approximately 50,000 miles, although I cannot verify - $150 OBO. .This thread documents strut PNs and spring dot color during a verification attempt on this suspension:
As far as I can discern through the wear on the strut bodies, the part numbers are as follows:

Complete set of 2004 USDM STi front and rear springs in excellent condition - $100 OBO

Set of OEM RS lower fog lights - 1 has a crack on the face but is fully functional, all mounting tabs and wire connections intact - $40 OBO
Pics to come...

Complete set (front and rear) black "leather" 2000 RS coupe seats - front seats worn but serviceable with no rips or tears, rear bench seat intact with no rips or tears, rear seat upright has tear at upper head section, adjacent to rear deck due to weathering from sun, but other wise intact - $100 OBO
Pics to come...

2000 RS coupe rear spoiler. Spoiler is currently primed and ready for paint. Brake light intact and functional. $150 OBO
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