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RS on the IL.

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Another RS has been taken out by an SUV. I pull up just a bit to see oncoming traffic at a stop sign. Bam! Grand Cherokee in the butt! "OH i thought you was going" - if I was going, I'd been gone. Grrrr......:curse:
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Sorry to here about your car, man.

OH i thought you was going
What the hell is wrong with people? If the car in front of you is still there, you can't go there!! I used to have a delivery job, and I saw all sorts of stuff. I remember one time, I was waiting at a red light, about 6 cars back. Well, the light turns green, and as soon as it does, the van next to me gasses it right into the truck in front of him! The 4-5 cars in front of the truck hadn't even moved yet, for the love of Pete! Anyways, hope you get your car back soon, and the repair is done right.
Well she didn't bust me to hard, but the bumper is cracked. She was like, "Oh what will it cost about $200 to fix?"

Must be bad karma this week. The day before, a girl in a cruddy GEO Storm pulled up in front of me. If iit was in anyother car I had I would have broadsided her hard.
i hate people...i really do, especially non-subaru drivers :D actually to be honest ALL The drivers in this area sucK!!!!! they are all TOOO damn busy sipping their mocha latte and talking on their cell phone to check their mirrors or use their turn signals...BAH!!!
Cracked bumper?

You're looking at new bumper skin, new bumper support beam, new foam, new clips possibly, paint for the bumper, plus a blend and fade. You're not getting out of the body shop for under $700, probably about $1300. When I got rear-ended in my mom's '92 Accord, there was no visible damage, except the hex-imprints from the POS's license plate screws, and it was over $700 (thanks for carrying insurance, you jackass!) (<-- facetious, no insurance by the Audi driver, he was dropped after they sent a current proof of insurance card)
Sorry to hear that.....main thing is that you are okay.

With a cracked bumper (I presume rear) make sure you get it checked over by someone you trust for chassis damage.

Can you not pick up a rear bumper from a breakers or something? I picked up a year 2000 rear bumper for mine when someone hit me and got it fitted and painted for a nive £150.


Breakers?? Cute... I assume that's a salvage yard. I suppose, but hey I've been paying my dues insurance wise. I want factory replacements, it would be best I'd think for the sales value of the car. OR, it could get a high quote from a for new parts. Slap on aftermarket or used and get some "extra" pieces for the car. Hey I'm the victim here, Oh my back hurts. LOL

Oh well, I had to vent a bit.

I happy the woman had insurance like they suppose to. Whew!
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