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RS Emblem Part #???

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I just bought my '02 RS yesterday and I want to replace the all-chrome RS emblem with the RS emblem from the pre-'02 know, the ones with the red RS letters...I went to the parts department, but they said I'd need a part number...please help. :)
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BTW, when I asked, all he had was gold, silver and slate...I really want the red! :)
Today is your lucky day, I just happen to still have the little bag mine came in sitting right next to my monitor from the last time someone asked! This is for the rear trunk emblem (2.5RS Impreza, RS in red), which I actually put on my grill:

Ornament Assy

Part Number 93081FA030

There you go, hope that helps!
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hoe did you get that to stay in your grill i love that look!!!
nolimitski said:
hoe did you get that to stay in your grill i love that look!!!
Cleaned the grill with rubbing alcohol to make sure all the dirt was gone, then just pressed it on as had as I could. Been on for about 6 months, I think, and shows no signs of coming loose yet! I picked it up. unopened, on eBay for $25 bucks, about $20 cheaper than sells it for:D
once i get like 20 bucks its all me i thought i was a grill kit or somthing thanks again
Hey Mizzou!

Hey bud! What's up? It's 'bluzx2' remember me? So you made the change to Subaru too. That's great. '02 2.5 RS? How do you like it? 5 speed or Auto? What color? I got an '02 WRX Wagon. It's White, 5-speed, tinted and I just installed some Prodrive headlamps. Man am I having fun. The best car I've ever owned. I plan on a Unichip later and some Tein coilovers. I haven't AutoXed yet. Also planning some SCCA road rallies. Well, it's great that you bought a RS and I hope to talk to you later on. Just don't turn into a WRX hater like alot of the members here.


koyokid (formerly bluzx2)
Hey Blu...yeah I made the switch...I got a 2002 Midnight Black pearl 2.5 RS...5-speed...I love that is black, but if you look really close there is blue in it...I love the is so much fun to drive.
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