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RS Club Installfest - CANCELLED

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RS Club Installfest

Yup, now that it is warmer, and I have parts :D I am going to be putting a whole bunch of stuff on my car next Saturday - the 13th. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll post directions.

I'd like to start at 10:00 am (but not earlier!!!) and then break for lunch around 12:30 - 1:00, and then continue into the afternoon. I'll (hopefully) be installing:

Koni struts
Spark Plugs
Radar detector
Rear sway bar
swapping my RE-730's on
Front and rear strut tower bars
And possible some camber bolts. :)

Lemme know if you are interested. :p
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Sweet!! I'll be there! I've talked to Mr. Majestic (Mike) and Thumper23 (Phil) about going. Don't know if Mike wants to install anything, Phil says he wants to install some shifter bushings, and I'll be doing the spark plugs and maybe the earthing mod as well. See you in a week!

Nick C.
Due to a death in the family this has been cancelled. Hopefully it will be on for NEXT Saturday (the 20th.)
That sucks James. Best of wishes to the family.

Nick C.
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