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I know it's a long shot that anyone within a reasonable distance might be into the trade, but I gotta try.

I have an RS bumper with fog covers that was cut to fit an FMIC; I also have the FMIC and piping/couplers. Also a bumper support cut and drilled for the FMIC. The bumper is an OEM replacement that the PO of the car failed at prepping for paint. No damage, just that the paint is peeling off in flakes.

I would like to trade both of these, for an uncut RS bumper (I'm staying top mount) with no major damage and a set of decent OEM crystal clear headlights. I'm painting my car this summer, so I'm not worried about paint quality, but there can't be any creases or tears in the cover.

I'm in Eugene a bit, and head to Shasta for snowboarding in the winter months, so halfway to either Portland or Sac.

Looking for a straight across trade unless you have RS fogs to throw in, or want my fluted 97 headlights.

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