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RS article in Grassroots Motorsports

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I was just home at lunch, and my latest issue of Grassroots Motorsports had arrived. I saw on the cover that they were doing a feature article on the "Subaru Impreza", so quite naturally I thought maybe they were adding a WRX to their in-house fleet. I thought that might be kinda cool, as GRM is a good magazine, and they would do the car up right and tell the story as it is.

So, I flip open to the table of contents looking for the article, and lo and behold! The article isn't about the WRX, it's all about our beloved GC8 RS! :D I didn't get a chance to read the article (had to get back to work), but it's a few pages long. If history holds, it should be a typically high-quality piece of GRM journalism. Hopefully, a few folks not so familiar with our cars will gain a little more respect now!

If you're a on the look-out. If you're not, then you better find a copy!
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Yikes...I don't know for sure. If you have Barnes & Noble, they sometimes carry it. Alternately, you could go to GRM's website and contact them directly. A couple of months ago they featured some Scoobies and were giving a free issue to I-club members that requested one. Perhaps if they see the website you run (or, even better, if you're willing to subscribe), they'd do the same thing this time.

GRM is run by a very small group, and they are exceptionally friendly. The publisher, David Wallens, is and I-club member. I know he's also attended at least one of the Florida-are get-togethers. I don't think you'll have any problems getting an issue.
I think GRM is probably the best car mag if you really like and are interested in cars. More stuff less fluff. I was at the meet in FL where David Wallens showed up. Super nice guy. I just read the article a few minutes ago, nicely done. Do yourself a favor and get a subscription.
what month is the issue?


sunnys25 said:
what month is the issue?
It's the March issue. I don't know when it would actually reach the shelves.
Going to Tower now to check it out
Ed's car is in there too!

My buddies car (which I'm co-driving this coming year) is featured in the article about Brian Preibe. Sounds like he might get the Cobb WRX ride this year....maybe I'll WAIT to go to SM then....:run:
well i went to get the magazine and what do ya know?? they don't have any!! bastards!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe the march issue hasn't hit the stands yet?
Its just too much for a subscription ...I love the mag though....come to think of it SCC just rasied its prices too ...damnit car mags should not be more than playboy for a subscription.
I believe they're going to recall them. Here is a quote from an I-Club thread...
by ScoobyNRG.

"Hey guys,

Bad news, I just got off the phone with the editor and chief of GRM and he said that it was suppose to be other peoples cars in the mag. The really bad news is that he just recalled all of this months issues to be distroyed. And to show his appreciation for pointing out this mishap, I will receive 5 year subscription for free and get my car in next months issue with a hot model sitting inside. woohoo"

Okay, so scan the damn thing in so we can see it... sheesh... recall a magazine? What for ? To prevent roll over accidents? :rolleyes:
Man, you need to look up the word "sarcasm" in a dictionary, as that post was just dripping with it!:rolleyes: :p

James, keep looking, it will be out. Better yet, subscribe! :lol:
Under "Plays well with others" I think I flunked! :lol:
Sorry, James, that wasn't directed at you, but at our friend Vic. I read the entire thread on I-club, and the guy was just being a smart-ass because his car wasn't in there. Apparently he knew all the folks who's cars made it, and was trying to be funny. I'm not sure how anyone took it seriously...

Sorry for the confusion!

:mad: Well, dammit I didn't catch it. Yes, I was fooled! :p

(I'm a little slow) ;)

Don't worry, Vic, we won't hold it against you! :lol:

I'm glad you didn't think I was being too much of an ass...just trying to have a little fun! :bot:
NOW you tell me!!! I was going to go to Tower Records and get a copy yesterday but didn't. Today it snowed a FOOT and people are driving 1mph so it would take me two hours to get there. :curse:

Okay, some one owes me a magazine!!! :p
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