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Yeah I'm necroing this w/ some useful info.

I have to replace my GC antenna b/c after body work, AM reception went to hell, and FM has gotten noticeably worse.

In the later version of the GC at least, it stays inside the A pillar until it meets the body, and about half way up the fender, it comes into the cabin, where it slinks around a couple parts on the bulkhead and then goes under the carpet, where it's held down by two pieces of that foam tape.

It goes across the footwell, and then up the transmission tunnel just under the front of the dash, where it enters the space behind the HVAC/radio cavity. There, it goes into the radio.

DEFINITELY use a strong string to tie on as you pull it out of the A pillar, b/c I imagine it'll be a nightmare to fish.

You're welcome!
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