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2001 2.5rs-T
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Just wanted to show off the BBK I have on my 2.5rs

Rotora Big Brake kit
4-Piston calipers
Oversized rotors slotted, and X-drilled 330mm
Steel braided lines
And I'm running on Rotora’s N.A.O. ceramic competition pads.

I've had this kit since August and the kit get better and better the more I get used to it. Pedal feel is very firm and the bite on the brakes come on much earlier than stock. I feel more confident going into a turn with late braking. The car has more of a solid feel now. I'll post braking distance from 70-0 after this weekend when I get a chance.

I've down a couple of canyon runs with my friends, and on the down hill is where this BBK shined the most. I went up with my friend,s Rx-7, a celica, and another WRX. I had no brake fade what so ever, none of that slam on the brakes the pedal drops and you get that flinstones effect when they try to stop. Even when I drive on a flat surface when I brake it feels like the brakes grab the car and pulls it down, giving it the squat effect which I like.
I've seen a lot of comments on big brake kits which don't fit into stock wheels, or it weighs to much or its not a 2-piece rotor.

The only thing I have to say about this is that Most people I know hardly run on their stocks anymore, plus I live in So Cali where we get bad weather for like a month out of the year.

Even though it may weigh a little bit more, Someone said it best," I don't mind gaining a little bit of weight as long as its in the right places."

And lastly the 2-piece rotor thing.....Since I put this kit on and have no intent of taking it off, the cost to replace a 1 piece rotor is a lot cheaper than a 2-peice rotor. If you warp a 2-piece rotor, you warp the rotor and the top hat as well so the wear and tear cost thing is in full effect if you ask me.

Just thought I would share my insight on the kit.

My other friend even decided to beat on the kit off road

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