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REVIEW: 25mm front sway bar, and 20-24 rear

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As you may have read in my other thread, I put an Addco 25mm front sway bar, and a 20-24 MRT rear bar, set to 24mm, on my car this past weekend.
So far here is what I have discovered. After a couple of days of feeling out the suspension and gradually pushing a little harder to make certain there were going to be no abrupt surprises for me, I have finally been pushing the car hard on a few twisty roads. The steering is much more precise, and I find that I can pick a line and hold that line MUCH more easily. Late Apex cornering is much easier in the car now. The handling is still very neutral, with a very tiny amount of understeer at extremely low speeds, and a tad of oversteer in high speed sweepers. I can create a little throttle oversteer in cornering now. If I ease into the throttle mid corner, before the car would roll the back side a bit, now, the rear stays flat and just scoots out a small amount. Not a huge, dangerous amount. Just enough to reduce the turn radius and allow me to get into the gas all that much sooner.

I can't wait for autocross season to start!!!
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Sounds like what I want. Where'd you get them and how much did they cost?
I got both from Teague's Auto. The Addco bar is $169.95 and is made to fit a Legacy (same bar, different brackets) It will fit our cars, but you will use the stock brackets and trim a bit off from the outside of the smaller bushings they provide to get them to work in your brackets. Dale is working with Addco on this so they will be a direct fit. You will have to drop your front jack plate off the car to remove the stock front bar and install the new one, and removing the tires will help you get to everything a little easier.

The rear bar is an MRT/Whiteline bar and and it was around $170 I think. You must get the heavy duty mounting kit to use any bar bigger than 22mm on the rear or you will bend the stock mounts. The mounting kit was around $94. The rear bar and mounting kit went right on with no hassles at all.
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Have you noticed with a stiffer suspension (with stock front bar and larger rear bar) that the rear inside tire will loose traction and spin during hard cornering? Does the stiffer front bar fix this or is this a normal occurance?

In theory, it should. Lifting a wheel is caused by that end of the car being stiffer than the other, so a stiffer front sway bar should help rear wheel lift.
Yeah, I need to get on an Autocross course with some folks watching for things like wheel lift. I haven't felt any, which doesn't mean it isn't there, it only means it is't severe.
What do you have your rear bar set at?
I have the rear set at 24
FWIW I lift my inside rear wheels at the solo's with a VER5 suspension, 20mm rear bar and F/R STb's...
After your first solo please post your impressions.
I've had rear wheel lift with my ground control/kyb agx setup and race tires and 18mm rear bar.

*sigh* i'm gonna miss those things in about 2 weeks.
Templar, do you have any upgraded dampers yet? *** has the 24 on the rear with the Prodrive WR, and that thing is twitchy! Any lift off in a corner sends the rear swinging!
I am running Version 5 struts and 5zigen springs. I am a little overdamped for the first coil or so, but after that the damping and sprign rate is matched nicely. I will probably get rid of the 5Zigens some time in the near future and either get a full adjustable coilover set, or replace them with a good linear spring that matches the version 5 damping well.

Still haven't had a solo II here yet. I will update at that point, but so far I LOVE this sway bar setup. The steering is ultra precise.
If you ever replace just the struts, go with the AGXs.
Actually, if these struts ever come out I will be putting a high end set of coilovers in the car. And if they come out they will be dropped into Elizabeth's Outback Sport almost immediately.

If I had it to do over again I probably would get the AGXs though just for the adjustability. Probably the AGXs with a set of the MRT race springs which are 270 lbs/inch front and 220 lbs/inch rear.

What do you have access to in the way of Coil overs?
Right now I am thinking one of three ways: a set of the Bilstein PSS 9 which are readily available now, a set of Ohlins PCV, which will be hard to get, or save up and get a set of the triple adjustable Proflex coil overs. But I am always looking for other options.
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