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Renick subaru out playin

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Here's a few pics. from our little driving adventure.


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where did you get your graphics made at? how much?
Modern image. the only place to get sticker graphics done.
Price.....let me know when your ready.
I bet Speed FX can do some like that for you, too.

That's who has been doing the stickers. :D
when and where were those pics taken?
and why wasn't I invited:(

Are those pics taken at Turnbull? That spot looks very familiar.
location? Does this help:confused:
Next time I'll invite some more people, we wanted to keep the group small. Afew of us drive alittle fast and we don't want people sliding off the mountain trying to keep up.


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I know, did that IS have an identity problem??? :biggest:

j/p i like eM =P
One of his problems were that he bought a automatic!!!!!!!!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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