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Rehashing the WRX ABS debate

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Well, after having the everloving crap scared out of me by the mushy pedal to the floor ABS system in my WRX, I decided to pull the ABS fuse. For the last week or so.... I haven't had a problem. Tonight... it rained... so I decided to test.

On freshly wet pavement... oils washed to the top by about a 45 minute light rain.... doing 20mph down my street, I slammed on brakes.

NOTHING. Slowed to a stop like I should. I sped up and did it again... and again... nothing. No lockup, complete control. What the hell?

I turn around, and speed up some more... this time from 35mph. ONCE AGAIN... no lockup. I was hitting the brakes HARD too.

I, for one, am convinced that the ABS system is a complete piece of crap. I know some of you have said that the 2.5RS doesn't do it.... and I know that I can't get my friend's 2.5RS to create that ABS CS* light. Then again, you've also said that automatics don't have a problem... and his is an automatic.

You guys draw your own conclusions... but I'm now glad that I got rid of that fuse!

*CS = Check Shorts
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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