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red/red tail light clusters

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how easy is it to paint the orange part of the tailight red? i've seen it done and i like the look...can anybody help me

:barf: <-- gotta love this one
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Dave went to a local hobby shop and bought Testors Clear Red film, peeled, stuck it on, trimmed it up a bit.

No, excuse me, he bought Testors Red Translucent PAINT. That's it. Local hobby shop - for remote control car bodies as I recall...
MagicMT said:
Get the JDM ones.

4 Bottles of red Tester's paint: $10
JDM Genuine OEM taillight assy: $270 from Primitive
Not being called 'Ghetto' by your buds: Priceless.

But man. $260 in the pocket. . .
JDM $212 from

i got em...come with the bulbs and everything.
Oh, the paint is SPRAY paint, if it makes a difference. It comes out PERFECT. Assuming you're not a rockhead and know how to paint.


$260 in pocket - no brainer!

JDM! :D I got it for $200 on a GB a while ago. Well worth it!
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Just go with the all red look, it looks a whole lot better than stock amber and red and it'll save you hella money.

Although, i prefer the red/clear ones the most, they just look so nice and clean.
did u guys remove the lens to do this by any chance?

4 Bottles of red Tester's paint: $10
JDM Genuine OEM taillight assy: $270 from Primitive
Not being called 'Ghetto' by your buds: Priceless.
haha niiiiiice

:biggest: <--- bling
Can someone post a pic of what it looks like after being painted?

It would be a simple and quick mod to my already saucy RS!
I don't have a picture of Daves car, but I doubt he removed them when he painted them. And it looks CLEAN. I could not tell they were not stock lenses. He just masked them and painted them.

They came out perfect. What more do you need to know. Oh, when he signals, they come out exactly red colored, not orangish-reddish. Looks factory 100%.
Sorry James, was traveling in Europe so I didn't see your message until yesterday.

Let me explain what I did:

1. Decide that ghetto is fine with me, since I live in Oakland, and am a cheap bastard.
2. By a can of Testors transparant red spray paint, and a roll of clear Contact film.
3. Spray a few coats of paint onto a stretch of film.
4. Let film dry.
5. Stick film on taillights.
6. trim with X-acto knife.

Time spent: 30-45 minutes
$$$ spent: $10

I don't have a picture of the lights specifically, so here's the only one in which they're featured:

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Dave it is SOOOO good to see your car over here - man, reminds me of home... :D
and good to see that you did not sell your RS after all, and your board is getting all the old school action!!

Ya know what, I ended up winning the STN4 class for the season :sunny:
I figured you would - so where's the trophy? Do they give those out?
Yeah, there's some trophy that'll be handed out at the end-of-year banquet or something. I won't be going there, so I'll be picking mine up at one of the races next year...

But, back to the thread:

After 18 months on the car, the film finally started to peel at the edges, so I removed it. Haven't had time yet to spray another stretch of film and re-apply it..

I like the look of the red, red with the white backups. Looks really clean. I can't believe the prices of the red/white tails.

Like someone said on an earlier thread...

"you guys do realize that you are spending 200+ dollars to get rid of a 1 1/2 inch by 4 inch piece of orange plastic right?"

That's kinda stuck with me, and other mods have taken priority.

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Some people spend 300+ to get plastic that looks a little bit like carbon fiber put on their dash. Or shift knob, parking brake handle, etc.
does anyone know how to take the tail lights off?
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