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RE 92 Suggestions

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Other than throw them out!

I am going to an autocross next weekend. It will be my first in 15yrs. I was wondering if anyone had dared venture onto a course with RE92's. If anyone did and survived if you could give me some suggestions for tire pressures I would appreciate it. Chances are it will be 35-50 degrees and the course is cement. I have to drive for about an hour to get there and I am pretty sure that air won't be readily available. I also have a 20mm rear sway bar on an '02 2.5.

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I ran the RE92's for a few events. Here's what I know. Obviously, if you're gonna race much, replace them! :lol:

First, you'll take big chunks out of the tires - like the size of a quarter - so don't be surprised.

Second, I run 45 psi front and 32 psi rear to get a little oversteer (not much, but I like it)

Third, for like $20 you can get an air tank at your local car parts store. Fill it at a gas station's air pump, take it with you, fill them at the track. I find it's WELL worth the money. I would NEVER drive on 45 psi on the street.

Fourth, expect a lot of squeeling and screeching. If you slow down a little, I feel (personally) that you get better perfomance. But who knows if that is really the case...

Hope that helps!
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Actually, no. It's been posted just about everywhere that higher front pressures mean oversteer. says that, Cobb tuning says that (as I recall), and many SCCA members say that. As well as me saying that from experience that is exactly how it works.

I don't know the physics behind it, all I know is that it works. :D

Also, you only want to run that kind of pressure on the track - not on the street. It'll wear your tires out quickly on the street.
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