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rattling in 1st and second

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Like the subject says, i've just started to get a strange rattling when 1st gear catches, and sometimes in second gear as well. The sound occurs just as the gear catches as i am accelerating, it sounds as if it is coming from the front passenger side of the car, underneath. I've checked under the seat to see if anything is loose or rolling around, as well as a quick look under the car, but i didnt jack it up so i couldnt see much. Any ideas what this could be? I hope its something loose and not something breaking.... i thought maybe the shifter bushings could be loose under the car??
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Could be a loose exhaust or heat shield.
damn... and i was hoping i wouldnt have to crawl under the car (must buy ramps!) :D
Good luck getting your car on ramps. If I was you I would get jackstands. You are going to buy ramps and scrape. Just letting you know, I tried the ramps, no go.
I have the same problem and I'm pretty sure its the heat shields.
heh my problem was pretty simple, the source of my rattling was a sneaky bold that had somehow hidden itself in the compartment between the drivers and passengers seat. i removed the bolt and the sound never came back :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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