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Well, I’m very happy to say that the Rally Tech WRC style Impreza 93-01 mudflaps are finally on sale!
These mudflaps will fit all Imprezas from 93 to 01. Some slight modification or drilling may be required during fitting.

Anyone who has been following the thread over the past month will know that this has been an ongoing project, with some very valuable feedback and comments from RS25 users – thanks for that!

If you’re interested in reading the thread, you can do so here:

More info on the mudflaps go here:

On the initial thread, I stated that the price shipped would be around $65-75 and $10 for shipping. The final price (as shown below) has only increased slightly from my initial estimate, this is mainly due to shipping costs and is still way cheaper than any other brand with comparable quality!


Please read this bit…….it’s important!
1. All of the stainless steel brackets have scratches and marks on them. Unfortunately this is unavoidable and happens when the sheet metal is transported and loaded onto the laser cutting machine. For all orders I will try and match sets of brackets that have the least amount of scratching on the visible side. The bracket is very hard to see when attached to the car anyway but I want to let people know before they purchase. RS25 user ‘JdmGary’ came up with the excellent suggestion that the brackets should be black, there is nothing to stop you painting the brackets if you’re unhappy about the scratches!

2. With the matt finish rubber mudflaps, applying stickers is not ideal. The stickers adhere perfectly to the shiny PVC mudflaps but on the rubber ones the surface is not as smooth. This will pose a problem when washing the car as the stickers will be loosened even more and will eventually fall off.

3. The fitting kit works perfectly on my car. I have a JDM V3 STI. I can’t test the kit on a USDM car so if for any reason the fitting kit isn’t compatible you need to let me know so I can amend the kit for future sales!

4. The surface on the matt finish rubber mudflaps is not always perfect. Surface scratches and blemishes are always visible when looking up close. When the mudflaps are on the car it is not noticeable.


OK, so now some info about the kit.
Mudflap material …..
You can choose from either super shiny black PVC material or matt black rubber. Both materials have the same thickness (3mm).

The PVC mudflaps have a very shiny finish. The rubber mudflaps are matt finish.

Mudflap style …..
There are two styles of mudflap, rally style and street style. Only the rear mudflap is a different size, the front remains the same for both sets. Rally style are more suitable for people running a more standard ride height and are 50mm longer than the street style.

Mounting brackets and hardware …..
The set is supplied with four laser cut 1mm thick stainless steel mounting brackets and all mounting hardware. The mounting hardware is A2 grade stainless steel. I have spared no expense with the mounting brackets and hardware, I could have used cheaper steel or plastic parts but wanted to make the set as good as it could be.

Logo …..
Supplied with a Rally Tech logo free of charge, if you want a different logo you need to add $4 to the price. I always stick the logo on the outside edge of the mudflap. You can choose any of the logos shown below, in any color.

The price (including shipping) …..
The price is discounted for all RS25 members. I will be selling these kits on eBay shortly for roughly $10 more.

Shiny PVC street style with Rally Tech logo $92
Shiny PVC street style with other logo $96
Shiny PVC rally style with Rally Tech logo $99
Shiny PVC rally style with other logo $103

Logos are not advisable on the rubber mudflaps
Matt rubber street style $89
Matt rubber rally style $96

The increase in price for the rally style is due to the extra material in production and extra weight when shipping.
Matt style are also considerably heavier than the shiny style ones, so although the material costs less the final price is very similar.

Fitting …..
Although this is a DIY job for most RS25 users, it does require removal of the rear wheels. If you are unsure please contact a professional. Fitting instructions will be provided via email after purchase.
I will be making a detailed fitting guide today. I will make the fitting guide available on my website.

Dispatch info …..
If you order mudflaps with a Rally Tech logo, they will be sent out within 3 working days. If you order a different logo it may delay the dispatch time as I have to get the stickers made.

Packaging …..
The mudflaps will be packaged using bubblewrap and then bagged in black plastic. Most of the parts are either made from metal or are flexible.

Shipping info …..
I sell a lot of stuff on eBay and roughly half of it goes to the USA. I always send things registered delivery and provide a tracking number. I can only track the parcel in Thailand, as soon as it’s stateside you need to track it yourself. The buyer will be responsible for any import taxes, however I have yet to send anything to the USA which has been stopped at customs. Delivery time is 5-15 days.

Problems that may arise …..
I will happily accept returns if you’re not happy with the mudflaps, but the buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping costs. Returned items must be unused.


OK, so you’ve read all of the info above and want to buy …..
I only accept payments through Paypal, Paypal keeps everyone safe. First you will need to email me you exact order specifications.

Simply copy and paste this into you email message and add the extra info:

STYLE (street style or rally style):
MATERIAL (shiny PVC or matt rubber):

Email the order to [email protected]

Your address MUST be Paypal confirmed. I will not ship to any other address.

I will then send you an invoice for the amount. As soon as the payment is made I will apply the stickers and pack the order. Once the order has been shipped I will email a tracking number.


I want photos for my website …..
My website is always under construction and I am always after new images for the gallery. If you want your photo on the website, please email it to [email protected]

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whats your recommendations for a dd especially since it will be sieng snow in the winter. i assume the pvc isnt flexiable so rubber?
They are both the same in terms of flexibility.

It's all down to which ones you like the look of.

ordering when i get home. happy to see them in production finally!
I'm really happy too. When I started this project about 3 months ago I thought 'Yeah that's gonna be easy!' wrong I was!
It's been a nightmare sometimes but now they're actually in production it's all worth it!

It's funny because the hardest parts to source are the small black plastic push plugs supplied with the fitting kit. I literally went to maybe 30 automotive suppliers before I found someone who stocked the exact size needed.

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hmmm i was hoping that the flat black flaps would have logos... u guys think that the pvc would be too flashing on a green 0BS? :/

01 RS w/ 2.1 stroker ej205
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i gotta say this is pretty nice, better than the rallyarmor stuff since its competitively priced within the same quality from what i can see. better yet, you get to choose the logo.

soon enough word will get to nasioc about your stuff, thinking about doing GD body types?

2001 Impreza GT
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i hope you sell a LOT of these! i love em. everything about em. if i didnt already have a set of flappy flaps i'd buy these.

can you sell me just a set of logo's ?
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