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Rally Prep

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Like the name implies, I like to rally. And I plan to race when I can afford it. I can't now, but I am curious if there are any CHEAP or FREE things I can do to start getting my car ready. I have another car available to me so I don't have to worry about being able to drive it. The car I plan to use is a 97 Impreza. Sean..I think you can proly help me out with some ideas. oh one more thing, I think I will race PGT.

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Well I guess not many people read this forum yet, huh? Anyways, I've heard that John Knight of Knight Transportation, the guy who owns the Knight rallycar is going to be opening up a shop (you guessed it, Knight Motorsports!) in Fontana soon. That's pretty close to Riverside. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out at his shop and seep up knowledge, kinda like the Suby Specialties gang.


PS, make sure you have lotsa spares! Wheels, tires, suspension bits, etc...
scotty305 said:
Well I guess not many people read this forum yet, huh? -scott-
Well, considering that I only added it this morning I think it's doing okay... :lol:
I think you might be better off visiting and looking at the ClubRally sections. You should be able to get information on requirements, suggested setups, and online communities. should help out too.

I know you'll need a cage, Firstaid kits, fire suppression, etc...

SubieGal can help you out as well.
Andy, you should really talk to Scott G. you have talked to him on line before. PM me and I will give you his phone#. He is heading up our attempt to take over the California Rally Series.

As of this point Scott has taken a 1st and 2nd and the last 2 events. Our little group should have atleast 5 cars running at the next race.

This is a good start to get into rally racing. The next event we are going to for sure is at Tumbstone Paint ball.

If anyone wants to get more info about what we are doing and events we are going to just PM me or e-mail me and I will put you on our list.

Andy, all you looking for REAL dirt tires? I have some good deals going right now. I will set up any one in the So. Cal area at my cost so we can get more people out in the dirt.

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