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Rally of Turkey - 3rd round of 14 in the 2003 World Rally Championship

Final leaderboard (after SS18 - end of final leg)

1 Sainz (E) Citroen 4h32m 14.1
2 Burns (GB) Peugeot +47.9
3 Duval (B) Ford +1m 46.5
4 McRae (GB) Citroen +2m 09.1
5 Panizzi (F) Peugeot +2m 41.6
6 Martin (EE) Ford +3m 24.9
7 Gardemeister (FIN) Skoda +5m 13.0
8 Makinen (FIN) Subaru +7m 18.6
9 Gronholm (FIN) Peugeot +10m 52.2
10 Loix (B) Hyundai +11m 40.4


Technical: Tommi Makinen's car suffered a minor gearbox problem on the third stage of the day, other than that it was mechanically sound.

Sporting: Makinen started and finished the day in eighth place
overall. The four-times world champion enjoyed a trouble-free day for the most part, save for the gearbox glitch, which lasted a couple of minutes after the third stage. He made up one minute on seventh-placed Gardemeister, but still ended the day two minutes off the Skoda driver after loosing a lot of time with suspension trouble on the second day.

Quotes: Tommi Makinen said: "The gearbox was a little strange. We went through a watersplash and then it started to do its own thing. I was in second gear and accelerating hard and it just selected fifth gear. It was being crazy like this for a few kilometres, then it sorted itself out. It's good to finish this event, it was much tougher than we expected. It's disappointing for me that before the problems we were making some good times."
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