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Rally at Tombstone this Saturday March 23

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There is yet another Rally at Tombstone.

Saturday March 23, 2002

Time 3:30PM to register it will start around 4:00PM

Entry fee per event is $35.00
$30.00 for CRS members

If you need any additional info
contact: gabe Pari 909-391-8561 Or by e-mail [email protected]

Tombstone is off the 91 fwy and serfas club dr.

You can get direction at

More info here

Thanks a lot Rayanna
I Love being a Rally girl.
I hope to see you all there.

Oh ya soon I would like to get a bunch of you guys for a paintball day. :)
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did the price go up?
a little late notice so my friend and I cant come.
They're having another one on april 6th. I would like to see a few of us out there then. I will make sure to remind everyone.
oooo.... good chance for a Socal RS25 meet! How about it?
:stupid: I like his idea, lets have a GC8>WRX meet, haven't seen one of those in long time
so, if I show up who will let me ride shotgun?
btw, what time does this start?

It Starts at 4:00pm on Saturday.
Thanks Rayanna
Your fav. Rally Girl.
This is always a blast. I even enjoy just watching.
wish I can go, but my girlfriend needs quality time with me..
Will they be running the big course as well as the small course?
The big course is awesome.
I love the rallycross because you can get up close. much closer than you can at a Prorally event. and you can ride along as well!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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