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Rain, plus semi-wet parking lot, plus RS-T=Scoobnuts!

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So yesterday we went to this BIG OPEN parking lot, and tried some drifts, I wasnt impressed with it since the ground was rutted in some places and dirty so I shot pebbles everywhere. BUT IT RAINED today!:nuetron:
So the lot was cleaned, and damp and we went out again. and I got some full on drifts going! But my friend in his mustang could do tighter spins so I kept trying, and finally got it to stay in one spot, where I revolved around my own smoke for about 6 or so revolutions (I think more). I made more smoke than I thought a Impreza could!!
Who else has tried this? Ive done some donuts before, but not like this!:stinky: :biggest:
Next time Im gonna take the camera!
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got some on tape today, and busted a couple drifts. it wasnt as wet as last night since most of it dried up, but my longest one lasted a good 40 yards or so! (No lies, I went past a semi sideways, and then kept on going, the driver was just staring the whole time, he was the only one in the lot and just at the end so again, this was a BIG open lot).
anyone local know how to load onto a website or something?
who would be willing to host it?
Email it to me - Clubmaster @ rs25 dot com...
this sucks, everytime I try to send it to you, it crashes!
What's the error? The link is at the bottom of the page...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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