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Radiator air flow question

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I am going to install some Hella 500's this coming week and I have a question. I am mounting the lights right next to the license plate on both sides and was wondering if this is going to block too much of the air flow to the radiator? I don't think it would, but you guys are the knowledgeable people here. Thank you for your time!!
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I thought about doing the exact same thing. I don't think there would be a problem. The grille let's in quite a bit, and air moves all around undernieth the car.
Yeah that's kinda what I thought. I just want to be safe though.
Bump:( ?
One little thing I've noticed about the front license plate is that it can be moved up about half an inch. Since the front spoiler is not anything like aluminum or metal, I easily drilled in two holes parallel to the stock holes. Just put the plate back on w/ the screws, but I wouldn't want to tighten the screws all the way, because you'll need the tread to keep the screws to stay in place. I just thought a little more airflow will keep the fluids a little more cool, but if you want the antifreeze to stay cool longer... add some Redline Wetter Fluid or similar. I don't know if this little mod will help, but it will keep more air flowing through the radiator without having the front plate taken off. A little 10 min mod with a drill...
Thanks that sounds like a good idea!!! Anybody else?
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