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I am going turbo VERY soon. I will be using a Turbo X member, WRX turbo manifold with the grimmspeed UP and EWG kit, and a 4" Turbo XS bellmouth DP.

My question is with the turbo X member what front sway bar will I need to go with? I read that the WRX wagon FSB would work. But I havnt found a clear answer in my research.

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as long as you swap the FSB after ( or during) the turbo swap you should be fine. Look for a turbo GC8 bar, it will be a straight bar because it wont have to manouver(sp) around the headers like on a NA. My advice would get a cusco front sway bar, which is handy because Cusco only makes front sway bars for turbo GC8's.

If you can keep your stock one im not sure of that, just with all the kinks to get around the headers.....but i think it should be fine.

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WRX wagon swaybar or a swaybar from a turbo GC. Both are 19mm, set up for the same track width and designed to fit with the turbo header. The WRX sedan swaybar is set up for a wider track and the N/A GC swaybar is different to fit around the N/A header.
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