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question about......

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the car codes, i know(i think), that GC8 is the body style like the 98rs but there's a few out there that i'm not picking up on like GDA,GF8,GD,GG? Help me out people. i want to order parts for a 98rs but just wanting to make sure or what codes to look for when looking for the 98rs? Thanks for the patience and help.:confused:
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well that must be a hard question or you didn't feel like helping but sugar god bless her explained the unexplainable....for those who don't know....
GG=wrx wagon
thank you......
Except it's not accurate entirely.

The first letter is for Gunma where the Impreza is built. That tells you it's an Impreza.

The second letter tells you how many doors.
C = 4-door sedan
M = 2-door coupe
F = 5-door wagon

and the number in the 3rd spot tells you what engine.
8 = 2.0l
6 = 2.5l
5 = 1.8l (maybe?)
4 I think is 2.2l

So a '98 RS is not a GC8. It is a GM6

For the new age, the second letter is G for wagon, D for sedan, and a motor code follows. An '02 RS is a GD also, not just the WRX.
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And not all of us can actually be here the minute a question is asked.

Try waiting more than two hours for a response.
GM8/GM6/GM4. Maybe GM has had an influence on Subaru for longer than we thought :p
Is there anyway to know what # my car is from the VIN? For example, #238 out of how ever many were made.
I remember reading about that at the other club once.
They said that since the impreza's are all built
in the gunma plant, an RS could be follwed buy a
wagon followed by a wrx followed by an outback sport
followed by an L sedan. In other words, they didn't
build the RS's in batches, so it would be hard to tell
based on the vin.
Was that what you asked? :eek:

I saw a 1.8 sedan this past weekend at a meet (with an old JDM legacy ej20 engine). If I'm not mistaken,
the chassis plate said GC5
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Doh! Yes, that's what I was asking. Thanks for the info.
the last 5 digis tell you what number out of the platform you were.
Hrmm... so a true old school WRX 4dr is a GC8... the WRX type R(right? the coupe?) is a GM8, and I have a lowly GM6? :D I think I'll still call it a GC8 :p

it's common for everybody to refer to the old body style whether it's a coupe, wagon, 1.8, 2.5, etc as a GC8.

kind of like some people calling all mitsubishi "diamond stars"
Ah but the Mitsusonofabishi symbol is a three pointed star made from diamonds, so that almost makes sense.

Really it's like calling all Camaros 'Z28s' or all Mustangs '5.0s'. And the whole 5.0 thing bugs me because Ford never made a 5.0 liter engine. If you round the CC's it rounds down to 4.9L. But 4.9 just isn't as cool so they stuck 5.0 badges on the side. 4949cc doesn't round up to 5000.
But for the trucks I'm pretty sure (exploder maybe not) they just called it a 4.9L V8.

But I digress.
Yes you do digress. They should have called all of them GT's unless they were tuned by SVT.

Nick C.
There really aren't any obvious comparisons that make sense, as the GC8 denotes body style, # of doors, and engine size. The 5.0 only shows motor size. Maybe if they offered a v8 mustang wagon. hehe.
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